Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is open to expectant mothers from 14 weeks to full term of your pregnancy.


The different elements of yoga can positively enhance your experience of pregnancy and childbirth, supporting you through all of the physical and emotional changes you will go through.


All levels are welcome from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Classes include:


  • Breathing techniques to calm and energise, focus and empower you as you go through the different phases of pregnancy.


  • Breathing and movement techniques to use during childbirth, however you choose to bring your precious baby into the world.


  • Yoga postures tailored to serve your changing body - nourishing, stretching, strengthening and relaxing you.


  • Meditation and visualisation to allow you to connect with your growing baby.


  • Options for birthing positions.


  • Classes are taught with warmth and humour and a deep sense of care.

1:1 sessions and small group bookings available, please contact me directly for more details and to arrange times.

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